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A Contemplative Time


These times occur for all of us at different times of the year. A time, whether planned or unplanned, where you take stock of where you are and what you are doing vs where you thought you would be and what you would be doing. I personally enjoy these times very much and that is not because life has been a bed of roses for me either. Losing both parents early in life, being a single dad with two full time (great) teenagers and realizing that I no longer belonged in the corporate world where all surprises that well honestly…….rocked the hell out of me for awhile. Have you had any such moments as these? These moments are not expected in the grand scheme of things but they do happen and I believe it is what we do with such moments that define us and let our inner self know what we are truly capable of.

So I few weeks ago when the annual celebration of aging came around (birthday:) and my brother was out from Toronto  (that is him in the pic above)I found myself in a particularly reflective space. Nothing like siblings to help you remember the ‘old’ days – Brian was remembering things that I did not even know had happened – which is nice and scary at the same time.

At the beginning of each year I create a large 4X3 ft collage of what I would like to accomplish in the upcoming year. For 2014 my motto is “Surf’s Up – Full Ride”. I chose this sentiment because over the last couple of years I felt like I was in transition and I did not grab at enough of the wonderful opportunities that came before me. While I was not in the mindset to say ‘yes’ to things I should have, I regret not saying ‘yes’ to adventure and recognizing the opportunity within them more. Isn’t that the way it works sometime? You are so busy with daily life and self absorbed in whatever your pattern of living is and you don’t recognize opportunity as opportunity. We often see it as an interruption or inconvenience.

To help bring this message home I was visited by a friend of mine who did not win the lottery for great genes. At age 56 he has had both a stroke and heart attack and continues to have to deal with high blood pressure, as do I. This once burly guy is now a gaunt shadow of himself and has lost part of his voice. He has always has had a positive spirit and he brought that to full bear on me last week. He said get on with what you want to do! He also said get rid of the sugar and salt in your diet -increase the veggies and with your extra energy get on with those opportunities that continue to present themselves. He was such a strong advocate for a healthy diet and Carpe Diem.

I have been getting good amounts of a variety of exercise like yoga, hiking, the gym and the fun activities with AdventureFive-0. But I have not been paying enough attention to my diet. So this year my daughter and I plantedIMG_1122 our first veggie garden and as I look at it as I type this I can see the lettuce and snap peas coming up. It is a start only, I know, but I like the direction. My diet nemesis is drinking Coke ( I don’t do coffee:) and I am even trying to get rid of that with veggie shakes to stabilize my energy. What is your nemesis – too much food? sugar? alcohol? tobacco? too much stress? – we all have them.

The last result of my contemplative time was arranging to do one of my bucket list items – ride my motorcycle across Canada. mbikeNow I have not picked the best year for weather thus far but at the end of June until later July I will be riding my collector Venture Royal some 7,000 km – and I am so stoked.

So the calendar year is half done. What are doing to make sure it is a memorable one? Feel free to reach out and share with me at Give me some of your inspiration if you have some to share.

Be well and thanks for reading and get on with your dreams now….. yes, now!



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